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Hey I am first time airsofter. I baught a TM aug because it was cheap and i like the bulpup design. But I also REALLY like G36C I never used one but I think there my favourite gun in games and all that they look really cool. Same with the AK-47 . I was just wondering What kind of upgrades and information about each of those guns for airsoft like wich can be upgraded easier witch shoot better witch come in metal, mags, ect any info would help alot.

Well, the AUG, G36, and AK all have a version 3 mechbox, which aren't too bad to work on. Never disassembled an AK but the AUG and G36 are fairly easy to get apart.

As for accessories you can find tons for the G36, especially the C version.

As for which will shoot better, that totally depends on what upgrades you put into them. The AUG will have the advantage of the longer barrel, meaning it will be more accurate, but other than that it just depends on what (and the quality) of the upgrades.

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