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i was there eariler on tonight and saw the G&P AK Metal Body Set (FM Style, Folding Stock, OD) and i liked it but i thought you could just put on a folding stock whit little or no adaptror or such, but now that i think of it and from eveything you and everyone said that this would be the smartiest choice seeing as how i want to get a metal bodie and all " is it ??????" and the fact that eveyone says "get g&p". I just want to say thank you and evey one else for that matter for helping me understand this stuff even though i an a noobie.=)

Edit: dose any 1 now what way the stock folds as your looking down the sights, left or right? i am getting a rail for my red dot scope that i got and the rail mounts on the bottom and goses up the left side and also mounts on the iron sights. thanx

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