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need to get a hold of a mod

Most other forums list the mods for each sub forum but I can't find a list anywhere. I need to talk to someone about an account issue. I had an age verified account years ago. I've since forgotten my password and tried the reclaim lost password option. well the email I used for the password was my Rogers email. I've since switched to TekSavvy (and I suggest everyone in Ontario switch) and now I can't even try to guess my password anymore.

Is there any other way I can reclaim my password? I'm not going to be able to get to a game untill summer, my old account had a trade rating and I don't want to start from scratch again with this account :\

I didn't get a chance to get to a game all last summer and I don't want that to happen again this summer. Getting a new gun before summer will definitely give me a reason to get out to as many games as I can.
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