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Originally Posted by Geofocus View Post
Where did you get all those airsoft guns. I mean the real good brand, how did you get them in canada. What is the best site to buy one, how will it pass the border.

Teach me how to get a new gun, step by step.
The majority of people who have airsoft guns aquired them in Canada, not from outside of Canada. There are many retailers in Canada who operate and legally bring airsoft guns in with the appropriate licensing. That license however is not an easy thing to aquire and no regular person can just go out and do it.

Asking what the best site to buy from is a difficult question to answer.
There are alot of retailers in Canada, many have websites and others retail through ASC itself, along with this websites buy and sell section I would have to say ASC overall is the best place to buy from. If you meet the requirements that is. This website has a process called age verification, where if you are 18 or older you can meet with a volunteer representative of this website who will meet with you in person, there is no way around this, no phone, no webcam, in person only, where they will require to see a legitimate piece of photo identification. After the process is completed, it can take sometime as this is all volunteer work, you will be granted access to this websites buy and sell section, where you can find both new and used guns, for fair and competitive prices. Although itís not always the case, it is sort of an open market. However age verification is only required to purchase from ASC buy and sell and any of its retailers and a few other non ASC based Canadian sites. I you are not interested in age verification then you will have to do your own ground work to find an airsoft gun.l

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