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Originally Posted by Geofocus View Post
I know i need to be age verified from ASC. But my question is about the world without ASC. I dont think ASC is a government site? I mean those guys they import airsoft and they are not ASC members. I dont think that border autorithy ask for your ASC ID when you import them. I wonder if border authority even know about ASC. So the age verified thing is just for the safety of ASC and there reputation. How do i buy airsoft in canada, how do i import them legaly.

If you know tell me please, so we stop arguing here about legal or not?! Its just a question for understanding the laws a little bit better, cause now iam all mixed up. Anyway be sure that i dont want to start a business and that all the airsoft(2 or 3) will be bought from ASC with the age verified thing.
You are right.. ASC is not a government website, not is is the gatekeeper for the Airsoft community.

it is however a clearing house for information .. your question is pretty common and has been asked many times, so the answer exist many times and has been summarized in the links to threads provided earlier.

the short answer is

as an individual, you can not import replica firearms.. which many airsoft guns are considerd by the CBSA.
If you wish to purchase clear plasitc airsoft guns ( so called "clearsoft") these items are not prohibited and you MAY be able to import them yourself. However CBSA MAY seize these as well..

At any rate you will need to be more than 18 years old to get anywhere either way.

Your best best.. as others have mentioned is to get age verified and then gain access to the may retailers and private sellers available on this site.
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