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So much to consider! To much info! Head swelling! Brain bleeding! Must hug toaster in the bathtub! Give it time, it will all sink in. Theres no sense rushing into a descision right away.

The difficult thing about asking such an open question to a community such as ASC is that there are so many varied opinions. You will always have your AK enthusiasts, Armalite enthusiasts, H&K enthusiasts, Pistol enthusiasts and so forth and so forth.
However lumping everyone into a such a broad classifacation is extremely unfair. There are other groups as well. People who stand and swear by certain mechbox designs, or a certain brand of parts, the "more it costs the better it is group", "the Im ok with cheap stuff cause its not actually that bad or atleast Ive convinced myself that so screw what others think group", the "Im ok with cheap stuff because its actually not that bad and in truth actually isnt that bad for real" group, or people who just like one certain brand/company. I say take it all with a grain of salt. Its all good useable information thats there for you to make a concise informed decesion if you know how to interpret it all properly.

If I can make a recommendation, ask yourself what you want. This is your investment, this will be your airsoft gun. Sure recommendations are great and dandy and just a fist full of lolipops but in the end, Ask yourself what is important to you. Grab a piece of paper make a check list or something, write down every little detail that comes to mind, make, model, brand, cosmetic apperance, what materials its made out of etc. Does it really matter that much to have A over B because of some little tiny gimmick? Like I said earlier...

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airsoft guns are nothing more than a motor driven gear set that cranks back a piston which is then released to push and compress air in a cylinder which is then directed out the nozzle to propel the BB down the barrel.
Thats the jist of an airsoft gun, the other stuff you just have to deal with, recognise it for what its worth to you and strip away the things that are unimportant.

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