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Size and guns are irrelevant. I am 5'9 with boots on and i lug around an M14 all day. I dont think size should be brought in to question so much as playing style. I have used a G36K for a game. It was the perfect size for me, but i didn't like it, cause it didn't fit my style of play. The think is, if he likes to run and gun, than he should get a gun made for that, like a G36, M4 or an M16. If that is his style, he can than choose a gun based on his style of play. If he likes to get into the suck more often than not, get an M4 or G36K, its shorter length will make it easier to wield in tight places. If not, get an M16. You can run and gun and make accurate shots at longer range compared to the M4. The thing is, while the M14 will work for you size wise, its a heavy and cumbersome rifle. I love it cause it fits my DM (designated marksman) role perfectly, but again, i dont like to run and gun. You have to find a style that works for you.
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