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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Very nice the way you wrote this. In fact I am age verified on Mopic, I was thinking that this was enough. And I don't have to go somewhere to be it, just sent my driver license and informations to him.
I have no reason to be rude with you about it, just to present the facts - you may not see it the way others who are posting see it, thats all.

You can probably find a local verifier, but without knowing any details about you or where you live, we can't help you find one.

I didn't realize you'd gotten your order. Good.

Keep in mind, the only full time retailer here, really, is ArmyIssue, and he sells a lot of pants. For the rest of us, this is a moonlight gig, part hobby, part passion, part stupidity. If I tried to make BBs a business, I'd shortly be serving them to my 4 year old with his Cheerios.

The point is, if you follow the rules here, you can benefit from the community thats been created and the social pressures that are your protections from predatory business practices or practices that put our sport at risk - we take them very seriously here and while they don't have force of law, they are quite effective and are probably one reason why the sport hasn't been completely banned from Canada.
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