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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
But I will if it is the only way on internet, in Canada, to have acces to full metal quality airsofts.

And I did get my gun, I just find it weird that Mopic told me a couple of times that it was shipped (first time the 20 october) when it's written on the parcel "shipped 16 december from Ontario". That's all, communication with him was a lot confusing for me. Their is also this quote, on his website, saying that after 21 working days you can have a refund, wich didn't work at all for me.
Its not the only way, but its probably the easiest and most effective route.

As for telling you its shipped, again like Scarecrow Im not apologizing on mopics behalf but I can only imagine how much volume of sales he goes through, so It isn't all impossible for him to get shipping info mixed up. I mean I went to the post office once with 6 items to mail out, I had no idea what each tracking was to each item. As it was several hours later when I got around to telling people I had shipped their items. I had to go back and search through my pms to look at each postal code individually on the recite.

As more people use him, there's going to be more feedback, and some of that is going to be negative, but I mean it is to be expected as he is a one man show, but that also doesn't make it right.

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