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Very nice the way you wrote this. In fact I am age verified on Mopic, I was thinking that this was enough. And I don't have to go somewhere to be it, just sent my driver license and informations to him. Since I don't love airsoft guns for actualy playing on the field with them, I don't see the point to go to a game to show my driver license. But I will if it is the only way on internet, in Canada, to have acces to full metal quality airsofts.

And I did get my gun, I just find it weird that Mopic told me a couple of times that it was shipped (first time the 20 october) when it's written on the parcel "shipped 16 december from Ontario". That's all, communication with him was a lot confusing for me. Their is also this quote, on his website, saying that after 21 working days you can have a refund, wich didn't work at all for me.
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