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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Will I ever see my money you think?
From my observation, you'll get your AEG or you will get your money back, mopic just sometimes has a spotty comms record. I am not his apologist, but I know as a retailer its takes tremendous discipline to get up each morning and respond to all the email, PMs quote requests etc, and then do your collecting and shipping. If you have a family emergency or business that takes you out of the cycle, everyone goes apeshit. But as I said, I am not apologizing for him, I'm just giving you a possible explanation as to why it happens. And it seems that others have had that happen. With mopic's job, I am not surprised. As someone else suggested, he should get a Blackberry.

But, you should be age verified if you're going to engage in discussions like this on ASC. You're using ASC to try and resolve this but you've not done this deal with mopic through ASC. If you get age verified you'll have access to the classifieds and others who are selling out of their private collections and you'll have more choice, and more importantly, you'll have the weight of the forum members and administration fully behind you if something doesn't transact right - but you did this deal outside of this structure of accountability that we all voluntarily submit to to protect the sport so I have no way of knowing who you really are since you've not been vouched for by an AVer. Whats worse is you may be underage, but again, we don't know that, you have not even included your location in your profile which is also suspicious.

Get AV'd and disclose your location on your profile, you're not helping your credibility otherwise. Thats my advice.
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