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Hello :) I'm new and I need some help.


Well, I've been playing paintball for about, 2 years, and recently I've been noticing that I liked milsim paintball more than the whole speedball thing. I've seen airsoft before and I am familiar with a few of the brands, but really I don't know much about what I am doing :P.

I Live in Burlington Ontario, which is north of Toronto, and I'd like to purchase my first airsoft gun, however I don't want my first gun to be some transparent plastic gun that's at walmart, I want something made by a legitimate airsoft company. My Price range is about from 100-400 dollars. Does anyone know of any airsoft shops/online sites where i can buy an airsoft gun?

Also, I'd like to find a place to play. Now I know every paintballing field within a 200 mile radius from my house, however I don't know any airsoft fields, can anyone please tell me where I can find one? I live near Toronto if that helps.

Also, this may be a noobish question, but I feel I really need to ask, does it hurt to get shot by an airsoft gun then by a paintball gun? Because getting shot by paintballs stings a little but really I've gotten used to it.


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