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Originally posted by v2kai

=( i upgraded the same, 9 ball steel bushings, 9 ball spring, bearing spring guide and 6.03 precision barrel and the front of my mechbox fractured.....anyone know where i can buy a new AEP MP7 mechbox????:banghead:
This is a local CQB field they have a small shop where you can buy spare parts and the like. Check in the Internals page 3 & 4.

I'm just starting a TM MP7A1 project build. She's all stock so far except for the Nineball tightbore (6.03) I still have to add the following parts though:

Nineball MP7 Conversion adapter for external battery (Planning on using a 8.4v 1200mah mini).

Nineball Damper head Xset.

Nineball Upgrade kit for MP7.

One question though does any one know what the spring (the one that comes with the nineball upgrade kit) is rated at?
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