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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Would you mind listing the mechbox setup and hopup/inner-barrel specs?
No problem. Here's the list in painful detail:

Noveske N4 7.5" Diplomat

MTHaynes 6MilSpec CNCd gearbox
MODIFY 7mm Bushings
Prometheus Spring Guide w/ Bearings
RiotSC Spring Guide Spacer
PDI 190% Spring
Deepfire Gen2 Titanium Toothed Piston
Systema Bore-Up Piston Head
Systema Bore-Up Cylinder
Systema Bore-Up Cylinder Head
Systema Bore-Up Nozzle
RiotSC Dual Sector Gear
RiotSC CNC'd Balanced Spur and Bevel gear
Prometheus Anti-Reversal Latch
Guarder Safety Latch
Systema Switch Assembly, bridged
Systema Selector Plate
Prometheus Gold Plated Motor Connectors
Deans Connector
G&P M160 Charger Motor

Prometheus NEO Hop-up with Strike Chamber
Systema 229mm (MP5 length) 6.04 Tightbore Barrel
Prometheus Purple Bucking (soft)

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
The battery is a monster already...but it'd be a nice touch to try it with a 11.1v lipo...if you're going for "broke".
The 10.8v Ni-Mh, when freshly charged, outperforms both my 11.1v 10C 4000mah (40 amp/60? burst) Li-Poly, and a 11.1v 15C 1100mah (measly 16.5 amp continuous) Li-Poly. This is due to how the freshly charged Ni-Mh battery peaks at something around 14 volts, whereas the Li-Poly's stop at 12.6 volts. The Li-Poly's would start to outperform the Ni-Mh down the line at some point after that initial voltage peak starts to drop down to normal.

For the last test (the 38 RPS/320 FPS .25's) I built the gun in it's final configuration and used the 11.1v 1100mah battery which fits in the buffer tube. The Prometheus standard spur and bevel gear were also switched out with a slightly higher ratio (and more robust) RiotSC Balanced spur and bevel gear (20.8 gear ratio versus the standard 18.72).

I've been getting requests to test the Systema Magnum motor in the gun so if I feel daring I might do so.

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