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Originally Posted by airsoft newbie View Post
why dont they show the fps on most guns on the 007 site?
Because with serious airsoft guns, fps doesn't matter as long as its within the correct limits per field regulation. As long as it's 300-ish+ fps, that's all you really need. There are advantages to a higher velocity, but at 300+ fps, muzzle velocity has little significant impact on range or accuracy in most cases. More often than not, the accuracy and range of the gun will be affected by the hopup more than the muzzle velocity.

The only people that really worry about fps as the main selling point are noobs. That's why all the really shitty, cheap low end guns always have their high muzzle velocity as one of their main selling points. They know that noobs who don't know any better see a high number and think it's a better gun.
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