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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I wouldn't trust any G&G gun that has a CA, TM or G&P counterpart, but if it's your only choice, like the UMG, then go for it.
IMO, go for the UMG, V3 gearbox is rock solid, sturdy gun, and because it's a V3 it shoots DAMN far and DAMN accurate with minor upgrades (talking from experience here)
It doesn't take a lot of upgrades for any mechbox to shoot far and straight, it takes the right upgrades. I handled G&G's before aren't that bad, infact in many cases you get more value from them than CA or TM.

The Version 3 is far more superior to the Version 2 Mechbox, it is more structurally sound and will defiantly be more durable than a Version 2 mechbox. In terms of parts, everything is available for you to make a solid (or even more solid) mechbox for whatever you want it to do.

Keep in mind that if your looking for second hand UMG items, they are not common, and being so expensive. Also, finding gear to hold your UMG mags are a bitch to find.

Where as the MP5 is probably the next most common aeg in Canada besides the M4 family. Parts are always available used or new.
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