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Question Recommandations for a spring handgun?

I looked trough the FAQ and newbies posts, but I didn't find what I was looking for.

I'm a total newbie regarding airsoft... I don't know the brands reputation, and I don't know what to look for or avoid in some designs.

I'm simply looking for a spring handgun that I can use indoors when I'm bored during weekends and it's too cold/there's too much snow to get to the shooting range. But I don't want something too cheap either...

Real firearms-wise, I like the 1911 models, particularly those from Kimber. So I would like to find an airsoft pistol that looks like that. I also want to keep it under $100, since it's only for occasional indoor uses. Well maybe I'll get it out sometimes during summer, but I don't plan on playing any wargame with it.

So here's a list for features I'm looking for:
-Spring action
-1911 model
-Removable magazine
-Metal, if possible
-Around 230 fps or more
-Below $100, if possible

Do you have any recommendations? Can you point me a retailer in Canada where I could buy it?

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