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big thanks

thanks for all the feedback. especially Azuki for giving me those links. I am reading them as we speak. i don't plan on gaming with it (it sounds like too much of a comitment). i just want to shoot stuff around the house/outside(not anything live of course).

as for my avatar, i bought that from, and to be honest i love it! it's good for screwing around with. my first 'airsoft'(more like shitsoft) was this one i got from canadian tire. it was full auto and like 130 bucks. that was before i knew that people played airsoft and that it was a serious hobby. but i don't want to get into it so seriously, it's very involved and that is something i don't really want to do right now. plus i don't want to invest that much money in it. anyways thats where i stand on airsoft, but i do got respect for you guys because this is a kick-ass hobby still!!!!! oh and Merry Christmas once more.
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