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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
As I said, other than the usual Version 3 gearbox parts. Other than the selector, nozzle and trigger (and maybe the cylinder and motor mount if you're picky), a V3 is a V3 is a V3. I'm talking specifics, hopup chamber, tightbore inner barrel (there's probably something available that fits), and other external upgrades like iron sights, different/better stock, foregrip, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I think the UMP is a cool gun and there's nothing wrong with it. I'd like to get one for my collection, but for a first gun, perhaps get something that's a bit more common. Mags for the UMP would be difficult to import as they had fake rounds showing.

Id the G&G UMP even still available? I did a search in WGC, UNcompany and Redwolf and none of them show it in their listings, just the STAR and Aires (I know know it's a STAR).
Ah yes you are right I totally forgot about the usability of the item. I am usually functionality based. But yes if you are starting out with this as one of your first CQB weapons then

Get the MP5, since like Darklen said parts for it is easy to find especially a box of midcap magazines work great even the cheap Plastic King Arms if you are tight on budget

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Hehe. It's "motor cage" for future reference.
What would I do without Styrak hunting my post down pwhahaha
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