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As I said, other than the usual Version 3 gearbox parts. Other than the selector, nozzle and trigger (and maybe the cylinder and motor mount if you're picky), a V3 is a V3 is a V3. I'm talking specifics, hopup chamber, tightbore inner barrel (there's probably something available that fits), and other external upgrades like iron sights, different/better stock, foregrip, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I think the UMP is a cool gun and there's nothing wrong with it. I'd like to get one for my collection, but for a first gun, perhaps get something that's a bit more common. Mags for the UMP would be difficult to import as they had fake rounds showing.

Id the G&G UMP even still available? I did a search in WGC, UNcompany and Redwolf and none of them show it in their listings, just the STAR and Aires (I know know it's a STAR).
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