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Originally Posted by NovaKaynE View Post
For everyone that attended BWII at Harms Way in September, you all know what kind of show Krusty puts on. He's a very innovative person and takes pride in bringng really big events to the game. He makes no money on these events. All the money you give him to play goes towards everything he has already mentioned. This event will cost him thousands of dollars and will only cost the player $150. Maybe extra with a motel or other arrangements.

Most events around here hardly even break the 100 player marker. BWII broke 200 in September and we all played on a very congested field. You get to play on a field with free reign over its boundaries, a lunch/dinner, camping for the weekend(and i dont mean sitting in a corner waiting for kills :P), 16+ hours of trigger time, quite possibly 100-150+ OPFOR players to shoot at and you're going to be playing in yet another huge event. You can't even go just camping for a full weekend for this price.

It's unfortunate that some people may not be able to afford it...but if they truly want to come, they have a full year to save up for it.

I won't be surprised if I see 300+ attendance.

P.S. gas prices have gone down :P
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