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I just want to put in my 2 cents here, having organized a few large scale events. I have to agree with Blackrain et. al. - having worked in the commercial insurance industry for at least 5 years I can guaran-fucking-tee that in order to get General Liability insurance for the sort of event planned on such a venue is in the many thousands of dollars.

The land/venue itself would likely be pro rated as it was when it was last insured, plus added 'danger premium' given the likely circumstances of the condition and state of facilities, and the event that is being planned. That's not withstanding that the insurance premium offered is not likely for 2 DAYS ONLY or ‘just for the term of the event’ - what is the lowest short term you think you are able to get commercial insurance for? Fortunate to even GET an insurance company to write the risk all things considered.

Paintball Fields might maintain the same scale of risk, but their property has significantly less risk/value - as far as writing commercial insurance is concerned. Significantly less premium as well.

Stateside US events of this magnitude have been in the $100+ USD price of admission for over 10 years now. This has never been nor ever will be a 'cheap' hobby/sport.

I'm certainly not trying to single out the 'have not’s - I think the event planners here have been pretty upfront to disclose where a majority of the costs are associated to. But if you feel you need to ratify or quantify this yourself, feel free to call ANY Commercial Insurance Broker and ask them for a quote for the facilities. Just give them the postal code and sit back for a quote. You will be surprised.
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