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I realize that people are making some comments on the price which is why we decided to post this very early and let people prepare.

There is an incredible amount of work that is being done by the Force Recon team to bring you such a venue and we did discuss the pros and cons of setting the price.

Reality is the land and insurance fees are the big chunk of the funds. Nobody is walking away making loads of money here and that is not our goal when you consider that we (Force Recon folks) need to spend time preparing the facility ensuring we've eliminated any undue risk to anyone and satisfying the landowners and insurance folks.

Developing the safety plan and associated risk assessments takes a lot of effort and that's not including planning the challenging scenarios you'll be playing.

I also want to thank Brian for stepping up to the plate and providing his leadership for the Canadian team and thanks to Jimisim from New York for leading the US team.

Grumbling aside, you either want to take part in this event or you don't. If you do, plan ahead both financially and mentally for what we believe willbe the game of the year.

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