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Originally Posted by TCSF-Bowers View Post
he actually said something kinda sensible...

why its a christmas miracle! lol

to the OP cheap and airsoft are like dogshit and root beer they dont mix

i would wait till you can afford the sport and then you can jump in with both feet and with a decent set of gear

just my opinion tho

oh ya and get age verified

Yes, its a Christmas miracle.

Anyhow, seriously, buying this gun for my first medium grade weapon was a BIG mistake. Right now, I would rather buy a JG M4 RIS compared to the VSR-10 marui clone. The men and women on these forumes are right all the time about these things.

Buy an AEG, its the best move to make. You will save hundreds of dollars if you buy an AEG, so you can also buy gear too. Its better to play with full CADPAT's then to play in you're jeans and t-shirt.

-"Let it go down in history, ASC knows all. Failure to know so will get you flamed. Buying a sniper rifle first will give you the title of EPIC FAIL."

EDIT: P.S-I've went through 2000 BB's with no problems yet, and I've owned it for 6 months.

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