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Originally Posted by dragwindsor View Post
I live in Windsor. It costs a fair amount to get there and back as well.

And if there's going to be 250 people, $125 is QUITE steep. That's like $25000 - $30000.
Facility has to be rented.. Insurance paid ( which for an event such as this would be a premium in the thousands ) and staff paid.

And event of this size will take months of work to organize for the primary planner and weeks for several other people.

Fact is.. either you want in or you don't the cost is the cost.

if the price was negotiable .. there would be an OBO after it was quoted.

the cost of a movie , and good dinner with a bottle of wine... for 2 people easily outstrips this.... and thats done and over in like 4 hours..

Expensive... compared to what?
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