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I will also add that there is no law requiring this to happen (except in Ontario from what people say). We only do it as a community so that we can cover our asses. We basically want to protect the sport and not let retarded kiddies at the "real airsoft". To protect the sport from retarded kids who think it's fun to shoot johnny in the ass at school or something and end up getting killed by ERT for brandishing a weapon and then the media and soccer mom's come out and lobby to ban airsoft and everything goes to shit and we lose our investments (the airsoft stuff).

SO If you're 20 then contact a verifier in your area, and get verified! (May take anywhere form 5 minutes to 5 weeks to get you in the system after your verifier submits your info though). If you can wait that long then save up some cash, also if you have a girlfriend or anything for the love of god don't tell her how much you spent on your toy(s). I forget who said this but "No matter what you can't twist the fact that you're pretty much going out on the weekend to play army men with a bunch of other guys".
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