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I bought one a while back (strictly for plinking targets). It's not very accurate. At 40 feet indoors i was getting groupings of about 5 inches wich is not good for a long barrel rifle at that distance.

The build quality is poor. The plastic feels low density not high impact abs (at the very least) I wouldn't game with it. One good smack and it could crack.

But, I do have to say a bolt action rifle is kinda fun. I've also bought the tsd l96 (both from buyairsoft) and i'd have to say that's a much better bolt action and it's not that much more money than the vsr-clone (wich is also tsd). Imo get verified and get an aeg. I now have a tmp90 and am much happier NOW than i ever was with the vsr. (although i still love the feel of the l96 :P )
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