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Thanks for the tips Endymion and amano999, yeah I noticed the recoil will probably destroy some parts in the gun. But thanks for letting me know I'll buy those parts ahead of time. As for the glossy finish I think it can be re-done.

Awhile back when I was younger I use to make Gundams and car models. I remember I use to apply some sort of finish on to the ABS plastic to make my models look shiny. Though I think it may be slightly toxic I forget, I'll have to look into it again.

And if the gun is 350+Fps I learned from BordenSniper that he tested butane in his gas gun and the power was less, although unsure butane's affect on the magazine but I assume it won't destroy it.

As for looking like Leon, I did the blonde dye hair thing back in high school it was all the rage but its just looked wrong on me. But I'll wear the pimp clothes no problem (Extra Unlock Costume in Resident Evil 4)
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