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Originally Posted by hot_shot under fire View Post
If this is you're first gun, drop it. Get an AEG first or you WILL be mad at you're self.
He's right. Bolt action airsoft guns look very much fun and they are, but for most people only for a very short while (ie, less than a day of gaming). They are not something you should buy until you've tried it out at a game, used it for the whole day, and then decided it was good.

And as someone else said, they do not perform well out of the box. It would take a lotttt (read, more than $600) to get it to have the parts necessary to be able to outrange or be more accurate than an upgraded AEG, but then it takes a hell of a lot more tuning and fine care and love to make it actually perform. Not a wise decision as a first gun. Get an AEG, then come back to this after you've gamed for a while.
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