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My AUG has been sitting here collecting dust for a year and a half now. In a couple of months I'll be 16 and I'll be able to play with a waiver. In the years before I came to Canada, I was airsofting with my friends every Friday and Saturday.
I was not aware that you could participate in Airsoft under 18 in Ontario. In Ontario the minimum age to purchase airsoft is 18. Children under 18 must be supervised by someone over 18. As far as I know nobody including myself will allow a person under 18 to participate in Airsoft. Now that being said would I have volunteers assist at the field as long as their are supervised by a adult no problem but there is no much liability and having recently aquired insurence for BWIII it was clearly stated no person under 18 under any circumstances can handle or activily play in and event that uses Airsoft guns.

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