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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Actually, replica firearm within s. 84(2) of the Code is interpreted as resembling specific models of firearm, not as generically firearm. Whenever CBSA interprets otherwise, it's a mistake, not that the CBSA will acknowledge that easily.
Wha? The CBSA acknowledging fault? Never! They'll fight tooth and claw and carry it to the grave.

The first read through of that I thought....section 84 of the Tarriff? That refers to Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances!(see extremely confused looking picture)

Then I thought wait wait....took a big gulp of coffee and said to myself "Criminal code!" I read through 84(1) and 84(2) and you a correct.
Although I stand by my point that a person importing on their own is still boned.

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