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Popular Airsoft Magazine Nov Issue: The Living Dead!

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Popular Airsoft’s new issue is out:

Airsoft “zombie-ism” is a loaded issue because we are all so close to doing it, if not already done it at one point or another. Please, do not argue with us on this, gentlemen — you would cheat in two seconds flat if you know there is no chance of you getting caught. How do we know this? We know this because we have also thought about it, thought it through to the logical conclusion.

So here we are on our 9th issue – ZOMBIES: what makes them tick and what do we do about it.


In our cover stories, Brahma delves into the complications of cheating and zombie-ism, at the same time, rounded up some off-the-cuff comments from people on how they deal with zombies. The BigBadBear gives us an insight on the “FPS race”, whether or not it IS the solution to this spreading menace of zombie-ism. He will also introduce us to some coined terms to describe the many “levels” of an airsoft zombie. Find out from him whether you are a Donkey or an Orc.


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