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After reading through this entire thread I would like to add something that noone else has brought up yet. I'll do this with pictures so its easier for everyone.

First off we have the JG dragon.

Yes it does not look like any firearm that we know of today, and yes it does have an AR lower on the bottom half.

Now lets take a look at these other Masamune Shirow inspired airsoft guns.

and finally

(Note the AR lower, essentially its just a CQB style JG Dragon)

Now Im sure we can all agree they do not look like any known existing modern day or antique firearm, but we can all agree that they all do look like some form of firearm. Now in that last sentence lies my key point, they "look" like some form of firearm. Regardless of the fact that they may look futuristic, they still look like a firearm of sorts. When it comes to border services and inspection, anything that resembles a firearm can and will be confiscated under the Tariff 9898.00 of the Canadian customs Tariff schedual, if the inspecting agent see's fit to do so. While some agents do not consider such futuristic items to be any known firearm and simply let them pass, many agents do adhere to the Tarriff to the letter and will confiscate anything that resembles anything that resembles a firearm regardless if it can or cannot be made to fire a real round.

There are many who are apart of this community, including myself who have in the past attempt to bring in Masamune Shirow style airsoft guns and have had little success. The ratio of failure to success was massive.While the JG dragon contiues to slip through now, its not guaranteed that it will continue to do so.

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