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Airsoft Soldier issue 3 almost ready

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Jarkko, ( emailed to remind everyone that they have a new issue coming out:
Hey guys, 

Just would like to tell you and your readers that our third issue is almost ready and weŽll send them out before holidays with the free wall calendars for subscribers! With this, youŽll find some sample pages from upcoming issue.

This time, we have a lot of new things coming up in the magazine. We have King Arms new Galil SAR in extensive tests, SOCOM Gear Wilson Elite CQB, biiiiig report from SoftErna 08 in Estonia - probably the most interesting event in the airsoft world, Systema TW5, Star AW338, report about Airsoft in Hungary, etc. etc. We dont want to brag, but this will be our best issue that weŽve come up with. If guys want to order this, youŽd better hurry, because we have limited quantity of those calendars.

Cheers, Jarkko, (

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