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From Arnie's Airsoft:

Quote: have sent in details of their upcoming milsim event Politics of Pressure: launches new blog and forum for the 2009 event Politics of Pressure

Gothenburg, Sweden December 12, 2008 is proud to present their upcoming milsim event Politics of Pressure. The game is set three years into the future, in the rogue state of Transnistria (or the Prednestrovian Moldavian Republic), where civil war is threatening to erupt as political friction between the two major political parties escalate. NATO and Russian peacekeepers are in place and are working to defuse the situation and protect the civilians, as tensions grow ever stronger.

Politics of Pressure is an airsoft milsim event with heavy focus on mood, group dynamics and problem solving. Today the new website with a blog and discussion forum is launched with the aim to keep an open and clear communication with our participants:
About is non-profit association which organizes milsim events. The group is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and has been active since 2004. Before that several members of the group was a part of the Frost milsim event planning group. For more information please visit:
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