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TBH with a clearsoft pistol as an avatar I'm slightly inclined to think this is a troll, but incase you aren't I'll do my best to help.

First of all I recommend you read the following threads:
Also there are some reposts but read through the links in this post:

If you've read all those threads, then you'll now have a better idea of whats available and how an AEG works. There is no part of an AEG that hits the body, other then possibly the cocking handle. The majority of noise is made by the mech box, specifically the motor and the piston head. The typcical snapping sound produced by an AEG is from the piston head striking the end of the cylinder. There is a modification available through our retailers once you get AV'd that significantly dampens the impact sound.

Like T_A_N_K was so kind enough to mention, AEGs are not very loud to begin with. Furthermore you can possibly make your own modification, however it may be more trouble than it is worth. If you do something wrong and cause something to break, you'll cause more of a headache for everyone and be stuck with a broken AEG.

Hope this helps, and Happy Holidays!
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