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I already converted it to CAD, I am not a total retard... If I go to the U.S. for vacation or something, I can bring the shell and do the work myself. I can just bring the front barrel assembly and the shell. I can take the CA, put on the JG Dragon front barrel assembly, and then put the shell on. From what I have read, barrel assemblies are legal to import back into Canada. The other thing is, a gun with a shell like the JG Dragon clearly looks like a toy. I have dug deep into my guns (when I was in China), and I trust myself with modding any part of the gun except for chinese internals (aside from JG). I modded my friend's G3A3 into a G3SAS (is that a real gun?) so I believe I can switch barrels...

If it all came down to having to use clearsoft, I'll just stick with the AUG i already have thank you.
Doing it in that manner or way would that not be considered Smuggling.? And if they catch you it could lead to fines and or jail time for the adult involved.

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