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I highly recommend you switch from "transmit" to "recieve" for the next 3 years or you will not have a place in this community when you are old enough to claim it.
Your past experiences in a different country and culture have absolutely no bearing on your suitability to own or use airsoft in this country.
We work hard to maintain a degree of professional appearence when we conduct ourselves, this is to ensure we will be able to play in the future. As a community ASC has decided that we will not tolerate underage owners or users. You will find that almost all fields require 18+ or at the very least 16 with a parent along.

So yes, your age is a problem. You are being treated with the same amount of respect any new, unverified member is treated with. When you begin discussing activities that may cast ASC and Canadian airsoft in a bad light, expect to be told to take it elsewhere.
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