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I already converted it to CAD, I am not a total retard... If I go to the U.S. for vacation or something, I can bring the shell and do the work myself. I can just bring the front barrel assembly and the shell. I can take the CA, put on the JG Dragon front barrel assembly, and then put the shell on. From what I have read, barrel assemblies are legal to import back into Canada. The other thing is, a gun with a shell like the JG Dragon clearly looks like a toy. I have dug deep into my guns (when I was in China), and I trust myself with modding any part of the gun except for chinese internals (aside from JG). I modded my friend's G3A3 into a G3SAS (is that a real gun?) so I believe I can switch barrels...

If it all came down to having to use clearsoft, I'll just stick with the AUG i already have thank you.
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