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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
Sir, if I am trying to circumvent Canadian Law, then aren't 007 and all the other Canadian retailers that carry the JG Dragon doing the same thing? Seriously, I know the responses would be so different if I wasn't honest enough to say I was underage. Can I get at least one response that doesn't in any way bash me for my age?

Whatever, I'll just wait and watch the bashing.
Dude just let it go, ASC goes by the rule that if your not 18 then you don't get guns.
Originally Posted by Deftonius View Post
Dammit, White Knight never should have made this, now Planters is gonna show this picture to the entire internet saying "This is when I cleared the cornfield outside of Baghdad and found Saddam Hussein! DRRRRR I'M BLACKWATER!!! DRRRR! Oh hai Ronan! *insert ***** in mouth*"
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