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"Legal" AR-15 Style Gun Importation Method?

I have done some research on this, and I want to know if anyone has tried it before or other people's opinions on this idea.

For starters, I know I am underage (15 at the moment D, so do not flame me unless I actually deserve it. I have actually spoken to the police, and they say it is OK to have airsoft as long as my parents are OK with it and they are the ones responsible for the guns. I know that airsoft is very fragile in our country, but I am not a total ignorant ass. I myself own a fully coloured JG AUG A2, imported from Shanghai, China when I moved here. It was declared in shipping, I guess I got lucky. It sort of feels like a part of me is missing without airsoft, it has been my passion for years.

I have noticed that Canadian retailers carry a gun called the JG Thunder Maul Dragon in stock, fully coloured. I have emailed the retailers and they have said that it is a full black plastic JG M-4 receiver underneath.

It is apparently legal to import because it is not modeled after an existing firearm, it is based on some kind of futuristic gun from anime =P. I personally think the gun is ugly, but I recently had an idea.

Since the JG Dragon can get through the border because it is not a replica of an existing firearm, doesn't that mean I can get an M-4 or something, perhaps a CA M-15 from the U.S., stick on the JG Dragon Poseidon kit shell and legally bring it back into the country? I have done some research and apparently underneath the shell is a normal M-4 receiver, except with a modified and shortened barrel. As far as i know, barrels are legal to import so I could simply stick on the JG Dragon outer barrel and take the CA barrel with me.

I have heard that some people have gotten some F-2000's over the border because they apparently look like space guns =P. Maybe the same will go for my idea.

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