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Originally Posted by Endymion View Post
The stock TM DE has a chronied velocity of 350fps out of the box on 0.20g with propane (I've owned about 7 and chronied 3). If the inner barrel on this one is longer than the regular model, I'd expect it to chrony much higher.

Heh I love DEs, but haven't owned one of these yet. It's mighty purdy.
Phew good to know, but yeah the Inner Barrel is not to the tip which is bad and I guess good thing so that the FPS is not over 350

As for banging it around I fear that too cause I do crazy maneuvers too sometimes minus diving in sand :P

Originally Posted by Scooby Steve View Post
Do want! That would look sweet in my coffin case.
Oh so you are the one with the coffin case I think you posted them in the Gallery awhile back? Sweet guns it would actually look good especially it being the Undead Hand Cannon
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