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Originally Posted by grantmac View Post
The question is who has the burden to prove whether it is a replica of an actual firearm? Because there is no way a VSR looks or functions anything like an actual firearm, and that is the working definition of replica.
I am not encouraging smuggling, but I think that if we exercise the right to legally import everything that we possibly can as private citizens that it will definately help our cause. I am willing to risk blacklisting (I never order across the border anyway) and possibly an appeal to see if this specific gun will be a legal import for anyone.
Not saying your arguments are bad but you can write that in your appeal but know that something the size of the rifle like that will put you on the blacklist and every package you get will be opened and taxed.

As an echo to mcguyver the appeal process takes a long time not to mention the opportunity cost lost for you money that could have been put to something else.

As for burden, there is no burden a super soaker looks like a super soaker and a VSR looks like a rifle to an agent.
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