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TM - Leon Custom Desert Eagle (10 inch!!)

Resident Evil - Tokyo Marui - Leon Custom Desert Eagle (10 inches)





The True Zombie Killer

The fruit of my eye, the sun in my sky, the one and only love of my life!
(Well my Girlfriend too and cute dogs and cats)

Pistolero Kings shall drool over its design and Deagle lovers will Jizz in their pants (2008 Andy Sandberg song)

My camera is broken but its brand spanking new and yes it looks like this

Courtesy RedWolf

Aesthetics of Design
- Black Sexy Pistol Case
- Long Outer Barrel (Unforunately the inner barrel is the normal size of a desert eagle
- Racoon Police Department Insignia on the grip
- Chrome Magazine
- Contoured hand grip
- Chrome but Hard ABS plastic gun

Performance: Personal Experience

I have wielded Sigs, Glocks, USPs, 1911, and 2011. But the kick on this one I would say beats them all. I definitely cannot one hand this as my aim goes off like crazy. I have had no trouble wielding a Hicapa one hand and still get decent accuracy but this, no I cannot.

With this gun you cannot be sloppy with your pistol stance. A new pistol wielder will have no trouble when they pick up a TM Hi-capa but with this I still have to get use to the sighting and contour of the grip.

The grip is larger than the TM Hi-Capa and I read a review that said that you need to be big and tall to wield it. WRONG I'm 5 foot 7 which is I believe average height in Canada, correct me if I am wrong. Though the grip is large the contour of the grip lets you easily wrap your hand around it.

Performance Review: Shooting

Chrono: 350 FPS? (Yet to Chrono)

Still have to get use to the kick, my front sight jiggles way more than when I wielded a TM Hicapa. The accuracy is pretty much the same as a normal TM Desert Eagle. I feel a bit shafted because though it says 10 inches yes the slide is but the inner barrel is the same as a normal one

I have yet to Chrono but on propane I was able to pierce a coke can and at times it pierced through both sides. So I may have to use Butane if I find its above 350 FPS.


Will I game this? HELL YEAH, I don't like wall hanging guns, I like to pick it up and shoot anything minus furry cute animals, they soo cute little wittle guys. Ahem... I think I have found my true Pistolero weapon of choice.
- Pistolero Steve -

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