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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
The dtermination on wheteher a gun is a replica or not is made primarily on the basis of physical appearance. The VSR-10 looks enough like a generic gun, it would be seized based on that alone.

Pellet guns do as well, but they are known to the CBSA to also be capable of serious injury or death, so they do not shoot "harmless" projectiles. This means they can not be replicas.

This is a very watered-down explanation, and it actually is much more complex than that. Most of the determinations are policy driven, and that policy is based on best interpretation of a murky law. Hence the deviations from one agent to another, one agency to another.
Bingo! Mcguyver is on the money, its all about the policy but policy can change and ban any Airsoft gun they want so you never know.

And yes if it looks like a generic gun it will get seized.

Hence why things like the JG Dragons would get through. Its nothing close to a replica it looks like a Super Soaker. Don't get me wrong its TM compatible and you can make it a beast. You can make it a Beast Super Soaker.
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