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Originally Posted by moderatesniper View Post
I was reading on some US websites that even replicas of "antique" firearms (1898 or before) are being seized by Canadian customs.

Also does anyone know the percentage of packages that are checked by customs? To date, I have never had anything opened by customs...although none of these packages contained guns or restricted items.
Correct me if I am wrong but such sharing of knowledge would be illegal if it existed, but such knowledge does not exist because it is too random too record.

You are up against the following that make smuggling kind of hopeless

- Policy changes you don't know about, maybe the next month they open all packages in your postal code region or they just open all packages in general
- New hires may be more due diligent
- Veteran agents with knowledge of all Airsoft companies in US
- Agents who are specifically trained for targeting Airsoft importations

So in short we discourage such an act, cause its a gamble. And I know have heard the stories of lucky ones, the system is not perfect but when you do get caught you can be blacklisted in which they open EACH and every single of your package regardless if it says "Megatron Gift" it will get opened and it will get taxed.
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