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Doesn't care much about the fps of the Bar 10 since you can have a 465fps Type 96 for less, and in 2 weeks after shipping.

What I said about the Bar 10 was that, I saw it a 360$ and ask Mopic if it was available. Then, the day he told me yes (I was, cool, I may buy it), I go on his website and bam 400$.

And yes it is more than 2 months for my order and as I said before, if your read well, I do not care at all about waiting... I care about knowing whats is going one with my money, and they can't answer: they can't answer me where is the gun, if it as ship or not, what is the delay... and secundo, I'm passe a week that they ask me if I wanted a refund on emt or paypal, I said yes... and a week later, not refund.

I'm patience, but I don't love people ignoring me, refunding on paypal take 2 minutes.
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