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Listen kid, this is airsoft. It's about truth and honesty when you play. You could be like a typical paintballer and not call your hits simply because it doesn't leave a big ugly pink splat.

If you have such a problem with not calling your hits, then don't play our game. Stay with paintball and let us enjoy our game which is based on honesty. If you don't feel your hit, fine, you'll get shot again and again. If you think that you wouldn't be wanting to call your hits because you didn't feel them, then fine, go away and play some paintball with other speedball fudge-packers, we certainly won't miss you.

If you can not deal with honor, then go away. I'm not saying that as a prick, I'm saying that as a responsible airsoft player. We don't want you if you plan to cheat. If you do not see the fun in this game, then why are you here?
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