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short answer get verifed mopic is good but u will never know he he he
to clarify- if you are over 18 and get Age Verified ASC can provide you with retailers who are in good standing with the airsoft community. These retailers are encouraged to provide good service and ASC has helped to mediate disputes which offers buyers a chance to work out any issues with their order (though any good retailer would do that as a matter of course )

If you are under 18 then there are clear options available that can let you try out the sport these must be purchased with parental consent. No one in this sport tolerates misuse of airsoft guns as it makes us all look bad. In addition most fields require you be at least 16 years of age and many will now offer a training program or partnership where experienced members will introduce you to more of airsoft culture.

Now after all that, I have purchased from Mopic and I had little to complain about for my item.

However (for various reasons) others have had problems and by researching the threads linked above you can come to your own conclusions.
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