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all right, I'm still confused. I mean, when I play airsoft it's usually pretty warm down here in Georgia and people feel hits, so they scream. I've only really started to get into more sophisticated airsoft rifles just this past year(AEG's etc).

I guess what I'm asking is, how is airsoft fun, if you don't feel the shots? -in the winter. I guess what kind of bums me out is that you don't really know when you've been hit. My whole suggestion has been to play only headshots, since we play with full paintball masks. It bugs me that you could be 200 feet away and not really feel a shot. I know it kind of sounds silly that I want to be playing at very long ranges because I think that's what makes airsoft what it is, but I mean why not play something like paintball? Or make airsoft bb's 6cm in diameter.
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